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What Should You Do If Your Veneer Falls Off?

September 8, 2022

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3D illustration of a veneer that fell off

In general, dental veneers adhere to teeth pretty well. After all, your dentist uses special cement to ensure they stay in place. Even so, they can and do sometimes fall off their pearly whites. That said, you wouldn’t want to panic if your own veneer fell off. Doing so could put your smile’s looks (and health) at serious risk. Fortunately, your Conway dentist can help you handle the situation. Here are four steps you should follow when dealing with a fallen veneer — they’ll keep you steady until you receive proper treatment.

#1: Find and Collect the Pieces

Depending on your veneer’s condition, your dentist may be able to reattach it. Therefore, find its pieces (if any) and collect them in a hard, clean container.

Whatever you do, don’t try putting the veneer back in your mouth. If it’s been broken into fragments, you might choke on the latter.

#2: Call Your Dentist

Once you’ve ensured the veneer is safely stored, call your dentist at once. You’ll want treatment as soon as possible to protect your newly-exposed tooth. Left untreated, the pearly white could suffer from various health issues.

While booking the visit, tell your dentist about your circumstances. That way, they can give you tips on keeping the tooth safe over the phone.

#3: (If Possible) Identify Potential Causes

Knowing the reasons why your veneer fell off can help you decide how to approach the problem. In particular, it would give you an idea of how to keep the issue from happening again.

Common causes of a fallen veneer include:

  • The Veneer’s Age: The cement that holds veneers can weaken as time passes. The nearer it gets to its largest lifespan, the more likely it is to fall off.
  • Improper Bonding: If your veneers are new but keep falling, chances are they weren’t bonded properly. To ensure that bonding goes well next time, see a different dentist for a second opinion.
  • Tooth Decay: When a tooth loses too much enamel, it may no longer be able to hold onto the veneer.
  • Poor Oral Habits: If you chew on hard things like ice and hard candies or grind your teeth, your veneers won’t last quite as long.

#4: Use a Temporary Solution (If Necessary)

It’s best to wait for your dentist to reattach the veneer; trying to do so yourself could cause damage. While you wait, you can treat tooth sensitivity or roughness with dental wax. Just put a thin layer of it onto your tooth’s surface.

In time, your dentist will learn what caused the veneer to fall and reattach (or replace) it. Until then, remember the steps above to take control of your issue.

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