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Traditional Braces

Beyond their traditional color, the only thing traditional about these braces is that you can see them. Contemporary braces are made of super strong metal alloys derived from the space program. Their strength allows them to be the smallest of all braces and therefore the most comfortable. Their density makes them ultra slippery so teeth move faster than they ever have before. Today's braces, in combination with other high tech materials mean fewer office visits to complete treatment. Dr. Murph has been doing traditional orthodontics since 1993. With many patients in the Conway Myrtle Beach area you could join our office and be our next beautiful smile. Call 843-488-4357 now to find out you can get started.

Clear Braces

Ceramic braces utilize less noticeable brackets for patients concerned about aesthetic appearances. Ceramic brackets are translucent, so they blend in with your natural tooth color. This means that unlike traditional stainless steel braces, with ceramic braces your smile will not look 'metallic.' In addition, ceramic brackets are designed so that they won't stain or discolor over long periods of time. Invisalign
Dr. Murph has been doing Invisalign clear aligner orthodontics for many years. Patients get a new clear tray postioner every 2 to 3 weeks and teeth are straighten gradually and invisably. Call the dental office in Conway to find out more.

Clear Correct
Dr. Murph was one of the first providers in the area to be certified in the Clear Correct aligner system. This system is similar to invisalign and has some advantages in moving some teeth.

"Removable Braces"
Many people with only minor problems can be corrected with "removable braces" also called functional appliances.
These are excellent treatment options for six to 12 year old children. Many kids can be treated with removable braces and never need the more expensive orthodontic braces.

Six Month Smiles
Dr. Murph is the first, and currently only dentist in Conway that is certified to place the cosmetic braces using the patented six month smiles orthodontic system. Similar to the ceramic brackets the six month smiles system uses clear braces and clear or tooth colored wires that are almost unnoticable.

Call American Dental Care at 843-488-4357 and let Dr. Murph discuss with you all the choices available to you in our Conway office.

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